Culture in lockdown: How museums find creative ways to engage visitors digitally

(EN version) With museums depending on the physical presence of visitors, it's no secret that lockdowns have posed a hard challenge for the business. Nevertheless, museums got creative by incorporating ways to maintain a relationship with art lovers around the globe, taking advantage of technology's perks.  

With museums depending on the physical presence of visitors, it’s no secret that lockdowns have posed a hard challenge for the business – not to mention the lack of international tourists that many of them count on. Nevertheless, with Corona entering its soon to be third year, museums got creative by incorporating ways to maintain a relationship with art lovers around the globe, taking advantage of technology’s perks.  

Virtual tours, applications, online gigapixel-formats of paintings, podcasts: The world of the arts has merged with technology to create unique museum experiences. Not only is this phenomenon inspiring to employers in different fields of the cultural branch, but it also highlights the need of web designers and IT experts in the sector who can make all this a reality. One might even suggest that in current times these people have become indispensable employees for some museums. 

If you are an employer in the cultural sector looking for ideas to create awareness for your organization in these difficult times, but also for the future, we hope we can animate you with these museums´ innovative steps we listed in continuation.

Digitized Art

The Mauritshuis in Den Haag lures you into its exhibition halls with its 3D virtual tour, where you can also stop and glare at artworks in the most detailed way possible by zooming into the paintings. The digitalization of the pieces enables you to get a very close look on your computer or phone and see every brush stroke on your screen. This “Gigapixelmuseum” can definitely leave its viewers in awe, similarly to seeing the art in real life. 

The Mauritshuis lets you into its halls through its website.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has taken similar measures, for example by welcoming its website visitors to stare at the digitized 717-gigapixel photo of Rembrandt¨s iconic ‘The Night Watch’ for however long they want. 

Both museums also have apps with modern interfaces, making a virtual museum visit accessible for everyone.

Vermeers The Milkmaid in high resolution. A screenshot from the Rijksmuseum app.

Virtual Tours

The internationally known Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam came up with online guided museum tours which interested visitors can book on the website. Taking place on Microsoft teams, the duration of one tour is sixty minutes, in which the guide discloses the museum’s interior by telling Anne Frank’s story.  


Even though we often link museums with a treat for the eyes, it can also be the case that  they become a treat for the ears. The Centraal Museum in Utrecht started a podcast on Spotify in 2019, and has since then posted educational content on issues related to its exhibitions. Their latest series consists of 6 episodes about the Botanical Revolution, lasting up to 30 minutes each, which utterly prepare you for when the museum can open its doors again.


The Centraal museums podcast on Spotify.

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