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(EN version) Fashion for Good, or fashion for our future. This boutique museum in Amsterdam doesn’t come short of a message.

It is never a bad time to revisit a pillar of art and tool for cultural expression, fashion. The Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam opened its doors to the industry’s lovers in 2017 with the goal to display the possible interplay between artistry and sustainability. The story of the clothes we buy and wear, as well as innovations for the future form the core of this museum, with innovation partners such as adidas, Stella McCartney or C&A.

However, Fashion for Good is not only a treat for the eyes and the mind. With the museum’s interactive activities such as the “Design your own T-Shirt” or the “Good GIF Booth”, you might as well leave its doors with the perfect Christmas present, and on top of that spread the word of sustainability by doing so. The museum itself only forms one end of the international project Fashion for Good, whose long term goals are scaling innovations and sharing knowledge whilst educating and challenging consumers on sustainable products. The initiative promises more exhibitions, more pilots, more implementations and better fashion for the future.

Working at Fashion for Good

Working at Fashion for Good offers the ideal framework for those of us who enjoy a motivation-driven, challenging yet vibrant workspace. Formed by a mostly young and diverse group “from different walks of life”, continually challenging and enriching the fields of innovation and sustainability constitute the core drive of the employees. Implementing solutions and presenting the world sustainable options to make better decisions therefore result in being an immense motivational and rewarding factor. The initiative’s mission to make a difference by offering possible tools and challenging perspectives is key for the workers involved, inspiring them individually but also as a team.

Of course, one or the other interested applicant may wonder whether they need to be experts in sustainability innovation before they apply for a position at Fashion for Good. Here, “…you need to have a natural interest towards the topic, to read about it, to know what is going on a little bit. But the field is quite young and the innovation space is very unique, so we don’t expect our employees to be experts when they join us. But you will be one in a very short amount of time! We do look at motivation, experience, education and personal qualities or traits.”

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All in all, Fashion for Good “i[s] a unique organisation to work for, where you will learn a lot of new things and everything we learn, we will implement and update along the way, so it’s very satisfying to be able to make changes along the way, for better results.”


Working at such an organization allows you to discover the true behind the scenes of sustainability innovation and contribute yourself! Fashion for Good is currently looking for a Museum Host and People Operations Specialist, a PR & communications intern, a Digital Marketing intern and a fulltime Marketing Coordinator.


Thank you Anne-Ro for your interview and helping us with our article!

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